Friday, January 21, 2011

Pink House Bar 16"x16"

Good morning art friends,
Thank you for your comments about my artwork.  I appreciate your interest and time. Regarding the post, "Needs a Title" most liked the title "Too Many Cooks" and I do to, so I'll go with that.
Last November I had the opportunity to exhibit my work at the Telfair Museum Art Show in Savannah. It was a beautiful weekend and walking in this historic city was a delight. I passed the Pink House restaurant (one of Savannah's favorites) several times on my walks from the hotel to the museum and thought this scene would make a nice painting. The challenge here was to make it interesting in spite of its symmetrical design. I thought moving the big arch left or right would just look off balance. At any rate, I think there is enough going on to hold your interest.


  1. Beautiful and it holds my interest!

  2. Love this one David. By keeping the exterior simple your eye goes right into the inviting interior.

  3. I saw the Pink House on a walking tour of Savannah, but I certainly didn't see this aspect of it. You have done a lovely job and created an interesting design.

  4. It's very beautiful. All your work is. I'm having fun exploring! You created a diagonal lead into this painting and so offset the centered entry. Well done.