Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yellow Bike

I wanted to do a large (36x48) casual themed painting and decided a bike would be a nice subject. It is a composed painting, my thinking that a picket fence as a backdrop would set the tone.  It started out as a pink and blue bike with some foliage in the background that I never really liked. So I decided on a yellow bike and continued to work the background trees as live oaks. Been working on this painting off and on for a couple of months now and making ongoing changes. This is kind of an unusual approach for me as I generally finish a painting I start (alla prima) with a few slight adjustments the next day when viewed with a fresh eye.


  1. This painting is so serene. The picket fence is charming and adds an interesting vertical element, and backdrop for the bike. I'm planning on being in Savannah Sunday . . . hope to see you then, David!