Monday, January 30, 2012

New Beginnings

This time of year we begin to tire of winter with its cold, then warm front to tease us, then rain, then cold again. I look forward to spring and new beginnings once again.

I've had this painting on and off the easel several times trying to refine and adjust to get the feel I want.
We'll see how long I can keep it off the easel!
Oil on masonite panel, 24x30.


  1. Keep it off the easel and sell it at Lipscomb. Looking forward to to seeing things blooming. I love this David. Love the pink azaleas as a focal point and the gorgeous blooming trees as a back drop.

  2. I agree with Carol -- Keep it off the easel, David! This is a lovely painting. You've captured the light so well. We Southern folks are so spoiled, aren't we? We don't really have winter weather, but awaiting spring blooms is always nice.